What is Stamped Asphalt Paving? 

Do you know that you can do a whole lot more with asphalt than just pave it on the driveway? There’s an interesting service called stamped asphalt paving and it will give your driveway a decorative design. It’s also known as pavement texturing or street printing and you might want to check it out if you want to know if it’s for you.  

Asphalt Paving

The possibilities are endless with stamped asphalt paving because there’s a variety of color coatings and textured patterns to choose from. Whatever your project requires, high are the chances that you’ll get the look that you want. If you want to add a wonderful warm look of bricks to your home without going over the budget, then this could be the one you need.  

How to do Stamped Asphalt Paving 

Stamped asphalt paving is achieved with the use of the special equipment that’s simply called the stamped asphalt applicator. The machine is built to add decorative designs into hot or cold asphalt. It’s run by the paving crew on the newly laid pavement so it will resemble the design of a brick or any other type of stone that you want the asphalt to look like. However, there’s a special tool needed to make the equipment work if the asphalt used is the cold type.  

With this procedure, adding appeal to your paved driveway is highly possible and now much easier. And now, you have another alternative to concrete, which is good. With these choices before you, it should be easier for you to enhance the look of your home.  

Is Asphalt Durable? 

Like with any other type of construction material, maintenance is highly required. Stamped asphalt pavers require the same amount of care needed by regular asphalt paving. You also need to wait for a few hours before stepping on it and a few days before rolling a vehicle on it. 

Compared to bricks and other stones, asphalt is way easier to maintain. You practically get the same look but you don’t need to worry about weed growing underneath the bricks. Such pavement also provides a much smoother driving experience. Another added advantage to adding stamped designs on the asphalt is traction. The resistance is even more evident during those rainy days when the pavement gets really wet.  

Is It For You? 

If you’re very particular about the look of your driveway, then you should go for the stamped asphalt option. While it definitely requires additional process, the extra effort should be all worth it after you see the results. However, if the pavement is primarily used as a driveway and texturing it is not necessary, then it’s not worth it going through the trouble.  

This option is highly recommended to every homeowner who wants to add the warm look of bricks to their home but is very concerned about the overall installation and repair costs. Stamped asphalt is definitely the much cheaper and viable option for you. Know more about it by consulting with an expert in paving Hillsboro. 

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