Blogging Ideas for IT Consulting Companies

In writing a blog, writing topics that are relevant to your audience requires creative thinking in the contents to attract visitors making them share the article and leave comments. Often it is a little difficult for IT companies to have an interesting blog for regular people; it might be because of technical terms used that regular people may not understand but what did it consulting Columbus Ohio write to have an interesting and exciting topic? 

IT Consulting Companies 

Here are some ideas: 

Blog Posts 

  • People likes to read an informative and well written post, this why the content of blogs contribute a lot in your marketing efforts. Here are some blog post ideas: 
  • Use images and create a candid reality show type of blog about the work of your IT Consultant and Software Developers every. Make it a mixture of serious and humorous sides. 
  • Your readers sometimes like to hear stories and experiences of their peers so having three of your best customers interviewed is not a bad idea, letting others know how they improve their company and their departments with your help and their experiences working with you. Just make sure factual data and statistics and don’t talk about your company, just let them tell their story. 
  • Can you imagine what can a home remodeling expert do in transforming an ugly house to a homeowner dream house? Make it in your department, make a lot of funny makeover images, this could also be a great video to show your customers. 
  • Almost everyone loves a career advice. Provide them ideas and tips on how they can improve as an individual and as a department. Write career advice blogs often, it will likely help increase your views. 
  • Have a blog on new gadgets that IT people are using for work, research those top gadgets that an IT executive must have and use high quality and cool images.  

Infographics is one of the most widely used today in giving information, short and precise description with images that sure everyone will understand. Be sure to make it visually appealing and to communicate data in a brief but comprehensive and clear way. 

  • Make a compelling infographic of with images and statistics comparing the IT Department today and before. 
  • Create an infographic that will show your capabilities in serving many customers. This is for global outsourcers that offer IT services in any part of the globe. 
  • Have fun, you can create a timeline of software development; you can use vintage  

Video blogging is a powerful one if you have access to the resources, most executives watch videos related to their work online on business sites. 

  • Make a funny video about your IT Consultant’s day like showing your relaxing break-room or the restaurant where she eats or maybe a night of your developer on what he or she is doing to stay up all night to satisfy your customers. 
  • Have fun with your executives, make bloopers reel of them making mistakes at conference speeches.  
  • You can have fun with this one too, Interview about creative or maybe weird or embarrassing things that IT managers have done in order to solve the seemingly unsolvable problems. 
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Tips on Teaching the English Language to Foreigners

Learning a new language is a great arsenal to have in your life. Clases particulares de Inglés  is one of the most popular languages in the world, and a lot of people want to learn how to speak this language. There a lot of foreigners like Koreans, Filipinos, and countries in Asia who would like to become well versed in the English language. To become a good teacher to these eager students, here are some tips for teaching foreigners on how to speak the English language.  

The first tip on how to properly teach the language is to know your students. Getting to know your students will give you a better gauge on how they learn and adjust accordingly. It is important to know this for the lessons to be substantial. If you are teaching them in a way, they are not familiar with they might not be receiving the information properly. Knowing their background and nationality will also help in learning the language.  


The second tip would be to increase your understanding of first and second language acquisition. Understanding these concepts although not required, would better equip you with the tools to teach the language to your students. It is important to recognize that English would not be their first language and it may be hard for them to understand the words you are trying to relay to them at the start.   


Another tip would be to enforce SWRL every time you have a session. SWRL stands for Speaking, Writing, Reading, and Listening. These four domains are critical in the learning process of your students in the English language or any language that is being taught for the first time. These four things would help them to practice the language and remember it in the long term. This would be essential in their development in learning the English language.  


Understand the English language by increasing your proficiency in it and understanding the language assessments. It is important to be proficient in teaching a language because you will need to know a lot of stuff about the language to properly teach it. Understanding all the words that will be able to help the students to understand the language more is essential in their learning journey of English.   


As for the language assessments, it is important that these assessments are credible and would be able to have a bar to set to track the progression for your students. Also, use visuals and manipulatives when teaching the language. At the start, your students would probably not understand any of the English words which are why visuals would be the best introduction for them. It will be able to give them an easier time transition to speaking and understanding the language.   


Teaching a language will not be easy. It will require a lot of patience with your students because it would take time for anyone to learn a new language. These tips, however, will help you in your journey as a teacher. Keeping these tips in mind whenever you are teaching will ensure that you are on the right track regarding the content of your teachings.   

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